My Route

Planning this route has taken months of poring over maps and guidebooks – and I’m still making last minute changes! There is no set route so I get to make up the most enjoyable route for me 🙂 I’m trying to include some classic routes in my walk, such as the Pennine Way and West Highland Way, as well as include some of the UK’s most beautiful places to walk, such as the Cornwall coast and Exmoor. Here’s an overview of my route:


I’ve split the route down into 5 sections and if you’re interested in checking out where I’ll be walking, or thinking of doing the route for yourself, you can check out the detailed Ordnance Survey maps of my plans here:

LEJOG South West

LEJOG Midlands

LEJOG Northern England

LEJOG Southern Scotland

LEJOG Northern Scotland

If you’d like to join me for a day (or provide a hot meal at the end of one!) then take a look at my proposed itinerary and get in touch 🙂